Research groups

Quantum optics

Quantum optics: Distribution of quantum light through the turbulent atmosphere, photodetection theory, cavity quantum electrodynamics, nonclassical properties of quantum light.
Foundations of quantum physics: Bell nonlocality, quantum measurement theory, localization of photons and particles.

Vadym Kovtoniuk Vadym Kovtoniuk
Mykyta Yurin Mykyta Yurin
Ivan Yeremenko Ivan Yeremenko

Physics of graphene and Dirac materials

Dirac materials (graphene, silicene, etc.), their electrical, thermoelectrical, optical properties, in particular in an applied magnetic field.

Volodymyr Shubnyi Volodymyr Shubnyi
Ihor Nimyi Ihor Nimyi

Theoretical and computational biophysics

The field of research is biophysics of macromolecules. The main results are related to the study of physical mechanisms of complex formation of active molecules and metal ions with the DNA and proteins. The phylosophy of research is to breadge the results of computational modeling with the experimental studies using the models of theoretical physics.

Tetiana Bubon Tetiana Bubon
Bohdana Reshotka Bohdana Reshotka

Nonlinear wave phenomena

The group investigates nonlinear wave phenomena in condensed matter systems such as Josephson junctions and magnets.

Ivan Starodub Ivan Starodub
Daryna Bukatova Daryna Bukatova