Physical kinetics

Academic: Prof. Dr. Sc. Bohdan Lev

The course of lectures is devoted to the study of kinetic properties of condensed media, which are related to the nature of microscopic interactions. The subject of lectures will be acquaintance with the microscopic theory of processes in nonequilibrium systems. The focus will be on the kinetic theory of gases, plasma, colloids, liquid crystals, dielectrics and metals. Special attention will be paid to the theory of diffusion in both ordinary and energy space, and the kinetics of phase transitions will be considered.

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Система оцінювання

The control is carried out according to the module-rating system, which consists of 3 content modules. The knowledge assessment system includes current, modular and semester control of knowledge. The results of students' learning activities are evaluated on a 100-point scale. Forms of current control: assessment of homework, oral answers and tests performed by students during practical classes.

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